Duly Noted


The 24-hour news cycle is a rage machine with no vents.

We set out to make a vent.

We created Duly Noted, a hate-mail stationary service constantly updated with topical, curated card-sets that allow people caught in a 24-hour cycle to tastefully address people directly responsible for the policies, programs, and decisions that piss them off.


each stationery set includes a brief summary of an in-the-news topic and tips for writing tastefully hateful mail,

Duly Noted Slides on Website JPEG.002.jpeg

along with a trio of hate cards that address the set’s issue.

Issues like:


Duly Noted Slides on Website JPEG.006.jpeg



Duly Noted Slides on Website JPEG.010.jpeg


Birth Control.jpg

Duly Noted Slides on Website JPEG.014.jpeg


Gun Control.jpg


duly Noted’s storefront will constantly update with new sets addressing the latest outrage in the news, and ask visitors what topics they’re most upset about (in case we missed a topic or two)

Duly Noted Slides on Website JPEG.021.jpeg
Duly Noted Slides on Website JPEG.022.jpeg
Duly Noted Slides on Website JPEG.023.jpeg

and the best customer-submitted diatribes will be shared to the duly noted INSTAGRAM.

It's real. Click it.

I promise.


here's a mash-up of all the rants that were submitted!

Duly Noted Slides on Website JPEG.026.jpeg

if you're mad about all the exclamation points! ask us for a card so you can write me an angry letter!!!!!!!!!111!!11!!1!11!!!!!



Design & Typography: Harding Coughter

Art Direction & Illustration: Robbie Persky

Co-Writer: Jack McNamara