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Gyeondyo-Bar is a South Korean popsicle with raisin-tree extract that, if eaten during a night of drinking, can prevent a hangover.

If I know two things about my fellow-Americans it’s these two things: 1. We hate hangovers and 2. We love popsicles.

With that in mind, we set out to create a rebrand that captures the pocket change of American party peeps from LA to NYC.


Identity Guide





Brand-wide Tagline



In addition to the rebrand, we created a launch campaign built around a typical American Friday night.



It’s Friday. You’re finally off work, the sun is setting, and you’re hoofing it home (through a heavily trafficked neighborhood that indexes high on food and beverage establishments) and, boom-bam-bow, you see this dope-ass print series.

Like Friday, the tone of our message changes when the sun goes down with the help of light-sensitive ink.



Billboard One:

HANGTIGHT images.009.jpeg

Billboard Two:

HANGTIGHT images.004.jpeg


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If we’re not seen out in the bars, we can’t really say we were part of Friday Night. By partnering with alcohol distributors in target cities, we can distribute collateral to bars to catch the peoples’ eyes during their night out.

Similar to the Print, our message will evolve as the night evolves.


Temperature Sensitive Coasters:

Room temp: “Don’t talk to strangers.” // Chilled: “Talk to strangers.”

HANGTIGHT images.014.jpeg

Receipt Sleeves:

Copy: “Cheers to being old enough to open this.”

HANGTIGHT images.008.jpeg

Rideshare placement

Responsible adults don’t drink and drive. Just like responsible adults eat yummy yummy popsicles before beddy-by.

As Friday night goes on and rideshare drivers hit the tarmac, we can partner with Car-Go to provide a non-traditional point of sale.

HANGTIGHT images.011.jpeg


A simple landing page optimized for mobile will drive interested consumers to the Hangtight hook up (aka 7-11).


There’s no Friday night without Yeezy, Chance, and Drizzy Drake. Just like there’s no Friday without Hangtight.

HANGTIGHT images.012.jpeg


And, as a “thank you” for all the Friday nights they’ve been a part of, we gift temperature-controlled gift boxes full of Hangtight bars to artists like Drizzy, Yeezy, and Chance. Who knows? They might even become fans of ours.


hit the streets

A Friday night out kind of requires that we go out. Setting up popsicle carts in popular drinking districts is a no-brainer.


Eventually, we all have to end the night somewhere. For a lot of us, it’s the Holy Cathedral of Taquitos and Slurpees: 7-11.

7-11 is a natural, convenient partner that provides Hangtight with physical retail space and a critical comms touchpoint in the American Friday Night.

Point of Sale:

HANGTIGHT images.005.jpeg

Product innovation:

Y’all, if we selling a popsicle in Sleven, we gots to blend those bad boiz up and do a Hangtight Slurpee.

Sorry about your wallet, big fella, because a Slurpee That Prevents Hangovers just emptied it.

Night night, family.

HANGTIGHT images.017.jpeg


Art Director: Mike Lee

Strategists: Shelby Williamson, Joe Bae

Brand Manager: Alex Robinson

Experience Designer: Cody Eanes