“They want four minute songs
You need a four hour praise dance performed every morn”

-“Blessings” by Chance the Rapper ft Jamila Woods, Coloring Book.

About this Work

In November 2017, we were tasked with identifying, diagnosing, and reviving a dying retail brand.

Our Brand Manager and Strategists identified a number of struggling brands, but ultimately sighted La Z Boy for reasons that will become clear.

A retail revival is no small undertaking. It doesn’t happen with a few pithy lines dashed along the side of a highway. No amount of press-level activation can remedy an expired store-level experience. Comms solves alone can be lipstick on a pig.

This is an expensive, lengthy, and possibly impossible set of recommendations but I believe it shows a team’s worth of thought and execution and I’m proud to have been a small part of it.


Here’s a total revival of La Z Boy’s retail experience:

la z boy strat.001.jpeg


la z boy strat.008.jpeg
la z boy strat.010.jpeg

With this strategy and target in place, we looked to emerging trends in contemporary American culture for inspiration and discovered…

Lay Z Boy Setup.001.jpeg

Hygge became our guiding design principle and, with it, we approached a total visual and auditory rebrand:


Updated Logo and Brand Guide:


Updated Brand-wide Tagline and Tone Manifesto:

Lay Z Boy Setup.006.jpeg

We then applied the revamped branding to the La Z Boy retail experience, which we divided into the following touchpoints:

Lay Z Boy Setup.007.jpeg

Pop Up placements and copy:






Kick Back How-To Sample:


lazboy_spread_002-1 copy.png
lazboy_spread_002-2 copy.png
Lazy spread 002-half 1.png
lazboy_spread_002-4 copy.png
lazboy_spread_003-1 copy.png
lazboy_spread_003-3 copy.png
lazboy_spread_005 copy.png
lazboy_spread_after_006 copy.png


Experience Designer: Coryn Bajema

Art Director: Lauren Wilson

Strategists: Alyson Gaiser, Melissa Jackson

Brand Manager: Emily Hudson