One day Don Just walks in and says,

"turn an eight year old girl with a field hockey stick into a superhero."


Heroes are a product of their time.

so To start we looked at



We need a hero who can code switch and empathize, but isn't a straight up chump.

Meet Clara & Withers

clara's powers allow her to pull spirits through the objects of their former lives and borrow their ghostly powers for a time.

Clara can't force her will on the spirits. Her limited occult powers require her to fall back on negotiation, as she must convince every ghost she summons to help her in her adventures.

Withers is the first ghost she meets as she begins to discover her powers. Murdered in his own pub decades earlier, he asks Clara to help bring his murderers to justice.

this murder-mystery adventure will unfold in the first original marvel-netflix animated series:

Show Home.png

Where, unbeknownst to Clara and the public at large, S.H.I.E.L.D. has created a retirement community for former superheroes. All these superhuman residents give Shady Grove an unrivaled collection of suburban legends. Legends like Sobbing Sally,


who wanders the streets crying out for someone named "Reed" before disappearing (she turns out to be Susan Storm, aka Invisible Girl, now an aging woman suffering from late-stage dimentia) and Old Man Parker, whose spiderweb-strewn backwoods are rumored to hide an enormous pet tarantula.


in the course of her adventures, clara and withers will come face-to-face with these legends, solve a few mysteries, and maybe even meet some friendly neighbors ...



Billy Reano


Tyler King,  Casey Phillips


Lareina Liu, Carly Harrison, Andrew Tuchow


Will B. Luck.