The Harlem Globetrotters

They spin balls at half-time shows, wear corny get-ups, and can't fill seats. Why? Globetrotter lore is lackluster. We created a touring, city-targeted campaign that hypes the team's arrival by turning the "The Original" Globetrotters into

The Legendary Globetrotters. 



A hoop will appear on the side of a building in the weeks leading up to the Globetrotter's arrival. On the weekend the Globetrotters arrive, the glass will be shattered and the hoop snapped to give the people a taste of what's to come.

For the few who can hang-ten on the rim, we wanted to let them know that the Globetrotters beat them to it.




In each city they visit, the Globetrotter's will issue #TheLegendaryShot challenge and paint four-point lines on street courts across the city, giving the average baller the chance to become legend (and win free tickets and merch).


A geo-targeted Snapchat filter will go live whenever the Globetrotters are in town so the masses can have the iconic spin at their fingertips (and spread the word about the Legendary team's arrival).


Art Direction - Mike Rodriguez