National Archives

The National Archives' mission is to ensure access to history. Only problem is very few people know what the Archives hold. Access is a great mission, but first we need awareness.


So we created a series of interlocking click-hole-style exhibits for Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube that showcase the 500,000+ original images, sounds, and videos. Each exhibit links back to the Catalog site to drive traffic.



Each "exhibit" in Instagram collages images sourced from the National Archives to show a different side of history (History is Sweaty, History is Dark, etc). Each exhibit is tagged in the others to create one interlocking whole. Think of it as a mini-Archives on Instagram.

instagram natty archives.png

instagram gift shop:

The Archives hold iconic imagery that begs to be on a t-shirt. Anytime people explore the Instagram, they can click the "shop" icon and be taken to our Instagram storefront. 



An "archive" of historic sounds with interlocking playlists, albums, and artists with all content sourced directly from the National Archives.